03 November 2010

Danes on Health and Fitness

"...Walk down any street in Denmark and you will soon notice that, as a nation, the Danish people are in pretty good shape. Fitness clubs do a brisk trade and there are plenty of joggers. It may strike the visitor as unusual then that the Danes are so liberal when it comes to issues such as smoking and drinking. It is not unusual to see a fit-looking young man or woman come out of the gym, stop, and light a cigarette before continuing down the street with their gym bag slung over their shoulder. A possible explanation for this may be that Danes simply do not see why, give that they smoke, they should let the rest of their physical regimen fall by the wayside. Another explanation may be that they are interested merely in looking good..."

Excerpt from “A quick guide to customs and etiquette: Denmark.

This is so true. I couldn’t believe this while reading this book for the first time, but I recently saw it for myself last week. I left the Fitness World after my workout and saw a Dane, just after finishing his workout, light up a cigarette. Personally, I don’t see how these two things go together.

The process of obtaining gym membership was quite a lengthy process. Only after the process of getting a CPR number (similar to a society security number) and then a Danske Bank account, was I allowed to get a gym membership. The entire process of confirming my eligibility took about a month. So after Venice, I started hitting the gym hard again.

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