14 November 2010


It's beginning to look a lot more like Christmas around here - garland has been hung in the streets, the weather is that perfect "winter weather," and the food in the markets are becoming a whole lot more gingery. Since the Danes don't celebrate pilgrims taking the Mayflower across new water, they engage in Christmas activities quite early in the winter.

A custom that the Danes have made their own in the Christmas season is that of Julefrokost, or Christmas lunch. It is an informal occasion that bears more resemblance to the medieval traditions of the carnival than to a Christian feast. People have the chance to let their hair down, drink too much, and generally engage in activities that might at other times be frowned upon. These occasions are held by friends, families, and employers, and most Danes have a pretty hectic social calendar at this time of the year as a result.

I am looking forward to the few Julefrokost I have already been invited to. And it is nice starting Christmas celebrations early, considering most of the streets are well lit with Christmas lights which helps ease the darkness of the sky at around three in the afternoon.

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