16 November 2010

Lousiana Museum of Modern Art - Anselm Kiefer

After hiking and doing a thorough inventory of the Tisvilde Hegn coniferous forest in North Zealand - Jens, Martin, Sara, Gladys and I stopped by the Louisana Museum of Modern Art (Read 10 September blog for my first visit to Louisana.) I am so grateful we did. Free entrance to all museums in Denmark is just one of the many perks of going the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture! Anyways, the current exhibition is that of Anselm Kiefer. Born in 1945, Kiefer is a German painter and sculptor that works with straw, ash, clay, lead and shellac as a material palette. The poems of Paul Celan have played a role in developing Kiefer’s themes of German history and the horror of the Holocaust. Most of his paintings were visually representative of landscape, but the meaning behind them was more social and political in nature. I am attracted to this sort of abstract painting, and I love the aggressiveness put into gestural drawings of this kind.

Anselm Kiefer, Nigredo,1984, Oil, acrylic, emulsion, shellac, and straw on photograph, mounted on canvas, with woodcut. Picture from here.

See more pictures of my hike through the Tisvilde Hegn coniferous forest in tomorrow's blog.

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