04 November 2010

...on Danish Climate and Weather

I awoke early this morning, around 6:15 to play some volleyball with some newfound Danish friends. It felt so good to get back on the court. Something I truly missed while in New York and since playing at Iowa State. It has been forecasted to rain most of the week, which it has – and which I biked through this morning, so I thought today’s blog should include weather statistics on the Demark climate. Copenhagen is in the oceanic climate zone, bordering on a humid continental climate. Snowfall occurs mainly from late December until early March, but snow cover seldom lasts for long. Rain during January and February is as common as snow, and the average temperature for these two winter months is almost exactly on the freezing point. Between November, December, and January – there are on average 17 rainy and grey days, averaging about 2 inches of rain per day. There are about 1.5 average sunlight hours during these months – as it is dark most of the day with sundown no later than around 15:30 (around 3:30 p.m.).

Basically, it is grey during the day, dark pretty early in the afternoon, and rains a lot. And cold. Can’t forget the cold. I am embracing the change in weather, as I am proactive and optimistic in almost all situations. I am taking some Vitamin-D and multi-vitamins, but you will still see a very pale Brett when I return.

A cloudy, grey - ready to rain day in Zealand, looking onwards past the bridge to Jutland. Taken during the Danish Landscape Study Trip.

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