05 November 2010

I'm dreaming of a BLUE CHRISTMAS...it's time for J-DAY baby...

Want to know what I plan on doing this evening after a stressful week in studio trying to finish up work for my project due next week? I am going to enjoy some Juleøl, or "Christmas Beer," with some classmates. But we won't be the only ones enjoying the beverage, the whole country of Denmark will join us for the fun and tradition of "J-day."

"J-day" (from the Danish word for Christmas beer: Juleøl) is normally the first Friday in November. At exactly 8:59 p.m. the Christmas beer is launched, and you will find that practically every bar, café or pub in every town or city in Denmark will be buzzing with young people enjoying the first Christmas beer of the year. A great way of getting into the Christmas spirit! The tradition of J-day started in 1990, but the history of delivering beer by horses started hundreds of years ago when as early as mid November, horse-drawn Tuborg or Carlsberg wagons decked out with garlands and Danish flags, delivered the year’s specially brewed Julebryg, or ‘Christmas Brew,’ with Santa capped staff handing out free samples.

I plan on visiting the Carlsberg brewery soon, as I hear it is something to see before I depart Copenhagen. The horses are Jutland dray horses, only raised in Denmark, and bring back memories of days gone by when beer was delivered by horse-drawn drays.

Also part of the tradition is to dress as a blue Santa, in honor of the blue label. Photos by Martin Rosenauer.

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