02 November 2010

Velkommen til November!

Good evening devoted brett-in-denmark readers! Want to hear some good news? I will be blogging everyday in the month of November just because. Yep, just because. On days that are simply ordinary, I will include some facts and history about the wonderful country of Denmark.

My blog today is a video of my trip to Venice, Italy towards the middle of October. The Architecture Biennale was exceptionally interesting, but I could have spent another week looking at all the exhibitions. I encourage you all to watch the video to the end, and watch the time-lapse as I get lost for two hours trying to find Piazza San Marco for a class assignment!

Just for fun, I would like to include a schedule of how I got there, starting from when I returned from Oslo, Norway.

Monday 11 October
10:35 | Ferry returns from Oslo, head to school to get my Venice information, bike home, eat, sleep, pack.

Tuesday 12 October
11:00 | Leave Danas Plads 10, walk to Forum metro
11:34 | Arrive at CPH Airport, retrieve boarding pass from EasyJet Airlines
13:40 | Flight departs
15:20 | Flight arrives to Milan Airport (we decided to go with a cheaper flight verses flying directly into Venice. Mistake. See all events that happen below...)
15:30 | Board bus to Milan Central Station
17:30 | Get on train in Milan towards Venice (again, went cheaper, so skipped the Express train)
20:30 | Arrive in Venice

(Insert the fact we still haven't eaten since we left Copenhagen, 11 hours prior. For those of you who know me, you know what I was saying about metabolism.)

21:00 | Eat pre-fix dinner, have no idea what the crazy Italians were saying
22:00 | Leave restaurant and plan on walking 10 minutes to our hotel, Hotel Nuevo Muestro
22:00 - 24:30 | GET COMPLETELY LOST...about 6 of us...walking around Nuevo Muestro with our luggage in the complete dark, no one speaks English...(GET ME BACK TO OSLO!)
24:30 | Finally arrive at Hotel Nuevo Muestro. All design students comment on the fact the map was out of scale and lacked adequate information.
0:04 | Finally go to bed.

Watch the video of my week in Venice @:

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  1. the metabolism comment....I've heard that before :)