21 November 2010

Here Comes the Sun

Considering the weekend was dark, rainy, and gray, I thought I would write about the sun. The sun is very important to a Dane, and they will often do as much as they can to obtain it. I remember when I first arrived in Denmark - it was the end of the summer here - and the Danes were very social as they basked in the sun and spent most of their time outside. It's a much different story now. The lack of sun keeps most of my architecture classmates in the studio for most of the day, and since it gets dark around 3:30 everyday, the only time to enjoy the sun (if there is any) is during our bike to school or lunch.

Coming as they do from a cold northern climate, it is no surprise that sunny, warm destinations are a favorite among vacationing Danes. Every summer Danish cars towing trailers and camping vehicles can be seen crossing the borders like herds of migrating wildebeest in search of sunnier climes to the south. During the winter vacations travel agents do a brisk trade, sending Danes off to more exotic destinations in their quest for some winter sun. Skiing vacations are also popular, particularly in Sweden, France, and Austria.

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  1. Hey Brett,

    Great job keeping up the blog! I really enjoy how you share a little tidbit each day. I'm looking forward to hearing more soon!

    We here in studio finally made it to T-Break, thanks be to God.

    Peace Be With You!